About Viking Exhaust . . .

A little information about myself:

Ive been building and riding motorcycles since I first put a lawnmower engine into a pushbike frame at the age of about ten.

Over the years I have had various bikes, up to my current bike which is a 1000cc 1975 T160. Ive owned this bike since 1978.

My work background is Motorcycle Mechanics, Engineering and R&D Engineering.
Some years ago, before the advent of CNC Tube benders, I built my own tube bending machine. This has allowed me to produce a range of High Quality Exhaust Systems, Silencers and related components.

In June of 1994 I set up Bryant Manufacturing Ltd.
Combining my personnel interest in these British Motor Cycles along with my Engineering knowledge, I now produce a range of High Quality Exhaust Systems.

In the workshop I have a T140, T150, T160, RIII and Commando engine, frames and ancillary parts.
These "bikes" I use to build one off specials on, and importantly to check that each pipe is correct.
Silencers are fitted and checked to ensure that they match up to their mounting points correctly before being sent to the chrome shop.

I have a keen eye for detail along with a good sense of style, so am able to produce a well made, stylish pipe as you will see in the photos on this site.
I get to build many different systems, so if youre looking for a pipe to suit a special you may be building, or simply want a variation on a standard pipe, dont hesitate to contact me with your details and requirements.

I can set up each individual pipe to suit the Silencer of your choice.
If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

About Viking Exhaust
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