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Part No: SIL-2015, NZ$0.00
This page shows the various Silencers that I build.

The prices vary so please ask for pricing on each different Silencer.

I can set up any of my Header pipes to suit the Silencer of your choice.

T160 Performance Black Cap (TRI-2013)

This unit is a direct replacement for the stock T160 Silencer

Shorter, Bigger Bore version of the T160 Performance Black Cap. (2015-5)

"Dunstall" style Silencer. (2015)

17" Short Reverse Cone Mega-phone. (2015-2)

T140D Silencer. (2015-3)

Les Williams "Legend" SIlencer. (2015-4)

Commando Peashooter Silencer.

NOR-1025 for the standard bore, and NOR-1026 for the Big Bore.

"Goldstar" Silencer that I built as a one off to suit an Egli Vincent. (Photo on request)

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