Triumph - One off Specials

Part No: TRI-2037, NZ$0.00

This page shows some of the "one off specials" that I get to build.

Shown here is a Catalytic Converter Eliminator for the Triumph Rocket Three.

This is a direct replacement for the stock Triumph Cat unit.

Your existing Silencers can be used with this unit in place.

Unfortunately this item was too time consuming, thus to expensive to produce. I am leaving this photo here to show the versatility of my skills.

TR-3037-1 X75 Hurricane style pipes for the T160.

TRI-3037-2 T150 Hi-level pipes.

TRI-3037-3 This is a one off special T160 Collector I built for a Customer

TRI-3037-4 T160 3 into 2 tuck under.

TRI-3037-5 Hinkley Thunderbird 3 into 1.

TRI-3037-6 Thunderbird Sport 3 into 1.

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