Early Angled outlet 69-71header pipeNOR-1011NZ$430.00
750 Roadster to Peashooter header pipeNOR-1012NZ$430.00
850 Balanced to Peashooter header pipeNOR-1013NZ$570.00
750 S Model complete systemNOR-1019NZ$2,050.00
7-850 Sweptback PipesNOR-1023NZ$510.00
Peashooter Silencer, Std (pair)NOR-1025NZ$1,400.00
750 SS complete systemNOR-1020NZ$1,930.00
Dunstall 2 into 1 into 2NOR-1033NZ$825.00
Peashooter Silencer, Big Bore (pair)NOR-1026NZ$1,450.00
Peashooter Silencer, Big Bore, Black Chrome (pair)NOR-1026BCNZ$1,600.00
Black Cap Silencers, Big Bore (pair)NOR-1029NZ$1,500.00
Two into One, complete 1 5/8NOR-1031NZ$1,485.00
Two into One, complete 1 5/8, Black ChromeNOR-1031BCNZ$1,750.00
7-850 Big Bore Header 1 5/8NOR-1032NZ$680.00
7-850 Big Bore Header 1 5/8 Black ChromeNOR-1032BCNZ$830.00
7-850 TT PipesNOR-1034NZ$605.00
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